The A's from the Q's

♥Why did you start this blog? I started this blog because I wanted to do someting with fashion. I always really loved it. By starting a blog, I could do something with the fashion thoughts in my head. My friends weren't interested in fashion, so I couldn't talk with them about it. And on this way, I can share my thoughts with you.
♥How long do you have your blog? I started blogging in May 2009. So I have my blog one and a half year.
How many pairs of heels do you own? I own only 4 pairs of heels. I know it isn't much. It has two reasons. Firstly, I'm quite long. Much of my friend are smaller. I'm also fifteen so my mother don't want me to walk on high heels every day. Secondly, I have no clothing allowance yet. I cannot decide when I spend some money for clothing or shoes, and buying shoes from my pocket money isn't a option, because shoes are expensive.
What kind of education do you follow and is this easy to combine with your blog?I'm in the fourth year of high school (gymnasium). It isn't very easy to combine my blog with school. I have much homework, it takes definitely more time than last year. Especially during the testweek, I have a very busy time. But I love blogging, so I just make time ;)
♥How often do you shop and where (which stores) do you go? How often I shop is very different. I think about two times a month, on average. It depends on how much money and time I have. If I go shopping, I mostly go to shops like Zara, H&M and Mango. I also love little shops with cute brands I don't know.

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♥ What is your favorite store? My favorite store is definitely Zara. I love everyting in that store. Unfortunately, there isn't a Zara in my neighborhood. I have to travel about 100 km to get there. That makes it special and not everybody walks in Zara at my school.
♥ Do you get clothing allowance or do you get the clothes from your parents? Like I said before, I don't have clothing allowance yet. I think I get clothing allowance when I'm turning sixteen. I get, or the clothes from my parents or I buy them from my pocket money.
♥ Which item is missing in your wardrobe on this moment? That's a difficult question. What isn't missing? I always have a big wishlist. But something I really need are new winter shoes. I know I'm a little late, but I haven't seen the 'wow' shoes.
♥ What is your favorite piece of clothing? My favorite piece of clothing is definitely my black velvet shorts. I also love my new blazer, my LBD and my denim shorts. And I love much more...
What are your biggest hobbies besides fashion / clothing etc? My biggest hobbies besides fashion are sailing and photography. I really love to sail. I'm going to sailingcamp every year, it's so much fun. Photography is another big hobby. I'm saving for a new camera!

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Who are your style icons? My style icons are Whitney Port, Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo.
♥ Where do you get your inspiration from?I get my inspiration from blogs, magazines and people on the street. I love to sit on a terrace and watching people the whole afternoon.
♥ Do you have a part time job? I don't have a part time job at this moment. Last summer, I have worked as a waitress in a restaurant. I'm looking for a job in a clothing store.
♥ How old are you? I'm fifteen years old, but I'm almost sixteen! :D I'm turning sixteen on the 15th of March.
♥How tall are you? I'm 1.76.
♥ Do you have a boyfriend? No, I don't have a boyfriend at this time.

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  1. Leuk om te lezen en ik vind je foto erg leuk!!

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  5. leuke fotos en leuke antwoorden het is super om te lezen! Jij ook een happy new year!

  6. Bedankt voor je aardige commentaar op mijn blog, dat waardeer ik :D Leuke vragen trouwens in dit lijstje :-)

    Ik wens je nog een gelukkig & gezond 2011 toe! :)

  7. een heel erg gelukkig nieuwjaar!
    en dankjewel natuurlijk :D
    idd moeten we zeker doen, heb
    je nou al bijna een half jaar niet meer
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    snel afspreken dus haha!

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    wow i really love your blog.
    you have beautiful pictures and texts. Your blog inspired me.

    i follow your blog. Please follow me, too. thanks so much.


  19. leuk om te lezen!
    alleeen om eerlijk te zijn zou ik het nog eens nakijken omdat er wat spelfouten inzitten
    (niet om vervelend te doen hoor maar gewoon om te helpen) :).
    Weet je al wat voor camera je gaat kopen of kun je iets aanraden?
    xx demi


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