Diary 8

All pictures made by me
Just another photography dairy. I made all those pictures during the testweek. I made them the evenings that I couldn't sleep. The best photography ideas I get when I can't sleep.I love the influence from the light in this pictures.
shiny necklace/ 22:51, it isn't a special time or something. I just made this picture on that time:)/ Cuddly toy with shadows. I see yo guys thinking: that cuddly toy again... I don't know why it's on my pictures. Probably, because they are cute. I just like this picture because of the shadows/ Ssssst, keep your secrets by yourself

At this time, I'm on my way to Rotterdam.
I came home yesterday night at 3 o'clock. I was pretty surprised because I really had a good time. It was much more fun than I expected. The Toppers song good songs and there were some nice guests, like K3, Jan Smit, Leonie Meijer, Glennis Grace and LA the voices. It also was so much fun to see all those crazy women, in the most crazy outfits. And, I've been to the Amsterdam Arena. I never been there before, so I liked that too.
The only thing I'm going to do on my way to Rotterdam is: Sleeping. I'm sooooo tired right now. Through the testweek and this all, I really have sleep deprivation.
See you!
Lots of love,


  1. Leuk dat je een leuke avond hebt gehad !
    De laatste foto vind ik erg leuk (:

  2. Fijn dat het leuk was :D! En mooie foto's.

  3. De tweede foto vind ik echt super!
    Ik krijg ook altijd de beste ideeën als ik niet kan slapen of als ik me verveel in klas ofzo :)

  4. Mooie foto's.
    Heb heel wat van je blog in één keer gelezen, heel fijne stijl heb je.

    Veel liefs, Saar


  5. wauw, prachtige foto's!
    Leuk , dat het leuk was bij de toppers :)

  6. beautiful pictures!
    dankje voor je reactie op mijn blog!
    XO mode-photographie.blogspot.com


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