Blouse: Urban stiletto, shorts: Zara, tights: vintage, shoes: Manfield, belt: Pieces, earrings: Six, glasses: H&M
As I told you, I was in Rotterdam last sunday. The day went a little bit different than we planned. There was no time to shop, but there was some time to make outfit photo's and walk arround. It was such a nice weather. Like you see, my outfit is even as blue as the sky and the water. I like this outfit because the shorts and the blouse are almost the same colour. Through combinate this with the floral tights, I made the outfit more special. The yellow belt and earrings are matching with the tights and they make my outfit finished.
I won this blouse on a give-away from Demi! Thanks girl! Make sure you'll watch her blog to: demi knight's life
btw, I really love that yellow bike:) It's perfect for me. Do you love it to?
Lots of love,
ps. Lees mijn nieuwe blog: Zomer outfit op Cosmogirl.nl!


Diary 8

All pictures made by me
Just another photography dairy. I made all those pictures during the testweek. I made them the evenings that I couldn't sleep. The best photography ideas I get when I can't sleep.I love the influence from the light in this pictures.
shiny necklace/ 22:51, it isn't a special time or something. I just made this picture on that time:)/ Cuddly toy with shadows. I see yo guys thinking: that cuddly toy again... I don't know why it's on my pictures. Probably, because they are cute. I just like this picture because of the shadows/ Ssssst, keep your secrets by yourself

At this time, I'm on my way to Rotterdam.
I came home yesterday night at 3 o'clock. I was pretty surprised because I really had a good time. It was much more fun than I expected. The Toppers song good songs and there were some nice guests, like K3, Jan Smit, Leonie Meijer, Glennis Grace and LA the voices. It also was so much fun to see all those crazy women, in the most crazy outfits. And, I've been to the Amsterdam Arena. I never been there before, so I liked that too.
The only thing I'm going to do on my way to Rotterdam is: Sleeping. I'm sooooo tired right now. Through the testweek and this all, I really have sleep deprivation.
See you!
Lots of love,


Chunky stone ring

Ring: H&M
I saw it and fell in love with it. This huge chunky stone ring is a real eye-catcher. Yesterday, I went shopping for a little while. I was looking for the red a-symmetric skirt and the arm cuffs from H&M, but they weren't there anymore. Grrrrr. That means that I've to wait a little while.
Alright, don't laugh but ... tomorrow I'm going to the Toppers in Concert. The Dutchies know who I mean. No, I didn't invent it. I'm going there with my work. Personally, I don't like that music. The Toppers in Concert is in the Amsterdam Arena. I never been there and I think this will be spectacle and I also think it will be very funny to watch those four mans in glitter suits. I'm just going to make fun tomorrow night.
The plans of my weekend are working, Toppers in Concert and on sunday I'm going to Rotterdam. What are your plans?
Lots of love,


Just another outfit

tee: H&M, skirt: Zara, shoes: Dolcis, bracelets: selfmade/market, rings: vintage/Bijou Brigitte, necklaces: present/vintage
Yes, I survived my testweek. It's finally over. Tomorrow, I'll have the last test and an presentation. Here an outfit, I wore today. I really loved the sun today. How was your day?
Lots of love,


The floral blouse

Floral blouse: Zara, orange pants: Zara, shoes: Poco loco, ring: Bijou Brigitte, necklace: Vintage, sunglasses:H&M
Tadáaa, here it is. My lovely floral blouse. I think it looks nice with my orange pants. The only thing what's missing on this outfit are arm-cuffs. They're on my wishlist! Unfortunatlely, my first tests went not that good I wanted them to go. That's why I decided that the only thing I have to do today, is learning. No blogging for me. (I made this post yesterday). My next update will probaly be on tuesday or wednesday. I hope you'll understand. I also hope I can post a little more in the following weeks and I've planned another video!
Lots of love,


Diary 7

All pictures by me
It's testweek. So, that means learning, learning, learning and making pictures. Between the learning, I try my new camera. Here are some shots. I didn't took them all today.
The new Monki magazine, my red clutch, floral sunglasses, red lipstick, electric blue ring/ A selfportrait/ a glass with juice/  detail shot from an outfit I wore a while ago, see here/ safe behind my camera.
For all the people who have exams or who just have testweek, I wish you all good look!
Lots of love,



tunic: New look, red dress: H&M, shoes: bentex, yellow necklace: Bijou Brigitte, earrings: six
Lots of love,


The bridge

grannies cardigan: Vintage, LBD: Zara, tights: Hema, shoes: Manfield, gold horse necklace: Vintage, watches: vintage / regal, ring: Hema, bracelet: selfmade
Thank you all for the sweet comments on the last post, and also thank you for watching the video!
This is an outfit I wore last week. I love this cardigan, it was from my grandmother. It's a quite big cardigan and by combining it with a LBD, I make the outfit more chic and more me.
Lots of love,


Blog anniversery!

Yeeeee, today is finally the day. Fashionable and me exists exactly two years. The 14th of May 2009, I started this blog. To celebrate this, I made a video. It's in Dutch, because I thought that was easier haha. Watch enjoy!

This two years, I have experienced such a great things:
♥ The best, greatest and just the most awesome thing I did was the fashionshoot for CosmoGirl (Backstage, young talent shoot CosmoGirl)vand the publication in CosmoGirl magazine (Lisanne in CosmoGirl magazine)!
 ♥  I'm blogging something about fashion on http://www.cosmogirl.nl/ every week. Wanna see everything I wrote? Go to 'LISANNE for COSMOGIRL' on the top of the page.
♥  I met lovely people and I discoverd lots of new amazing blogs

I just want to thank you all! Thank you for the sweet comments, sweet followers and just the sweet people who watch my blog everyday. All the sweet comments make me smile everyday! I really appreciate ever comment, follower and viewer.

Don't follow me? No worries. Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin', Fashiolista, Lookbook and Youtube!

Is there something you want to tell me that you never did, do you have a tip, something that maybe can get better on my blog or something that you really like, something you would love to see on my blog or do you just have a question? Leave a comment below or send me an email. at fashionableandme@gmail.com

Lots of love, 
a very happy Lisanne 


I see you, do you see me?

A never shown picture, wich I really like:) I'm sorry, I hadn't time to make outfit pictures today. Because .... I made a little surprise for tomorrow. I hope you'll all come to visit my blog tomorrow, because my blog turns two!
I have a litlle question for you. Two friends of my are joining a competition. The only thing you have to do is watch this video. Click here to go there. Tanks a lot!
Lots of love, 


Diary 6

All pictures made by me
A beautiful sunset, made when we visited acquaintances/ lilac flower/ A delicious cup of hot chocolate with lots of wipped cream, mjamm/ A very cute and photogenic cat, witch isn't mine unfortunately/ The combination of sunshine and the forest. Made while I was visiting my grandmother/ Latte macchiato and a cookie.
Just another diary post. I have some great news, this Saturday ... my blog turns two! Time for a little party :)
Lots of love,


The hat

hat: H&M, white top: H&M, sheer blouse: Monki, shorts: Zara, shoes: Poco Loco, belt: vintage, jewellry: presents
My yesterdays outfit. Yesterday, it was mothers day. I spend my day making homework, visiting grandma and ofcourse I made a delicious breakfast for my mother.
I want to use this post to thank my mommy for everything. For just be there when I need her, for making my outfit pictures and for being who she is. She is such a strong woman. If I'm older I definitely want to be like her. We always do fun things, like shopping or just talking. If I need her, she's always there. Mommy, I love you!
I wore my new shorts and hat yesterday. I think I'm going to wear my shorts a lot this summer. They fit perfectly.
Lots of love,


New buys

hat: H&M,  flowered blouse: Zara, shorts: Zara, glasses: H&M
I'm back:) I had a lovely time at my grandmothers. We spend much time in the city, laughed a lot and I really enjoyed it. I didn't bought that much, because I coudn't find a lot. I'm happy with the things I bought. I wanted a hat for a very long time. I decided to take a black one, because I can wear it longer. The flowered blouse is perfect for summer, I saw it and I couldn't get it out of my mind. Later that day I bought it. The shorts are a little high waisted. A perfect basis in my wardrobe. Last but not least: the sunglasses with round glasses. I just love it. How was your vacation?
Lots of love,


A little bit of color in my life

sweater: Vintage, shorts: Kuyichi, shoes: Converse, beld: Pieces, necklace: random shop, earrings: six
I bought this beld two years ago and I never wore it. But the new trend 'Color blocking' changed my mind. I like to give a little color touch on my outfits.
Lots of love,