EVENT. Friday the 27th of January, was the date that I went to my second Amsterdam Fashion Week. I really looked forward to it, because last year, it was amazing! (click here for last year's AFW) At that time, I went there on my own. This year I met up with Roos from Lace and Pears, she's a really sweet girl. Quite funny, we actually didn't know eachother, but it felt like I known her for a long time.

At Six o'clock, we were inside, standing on our place, but we were lucky ones that night,  because we got a seat at the 4th row. A big progression. This wasn't just a normal fashion show, because Prinsess Maxima of the Netherlands attended this awesome show too! It was the first time I saw her, so funny.
  The Green Fashion Competition is a competition for entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. It's for individuals and teams. The intention is to find talented entrepreneurs, who aim to create green fashion. I see you thinking, what do they mean by 'green fashion?' Green Fashion is clothing with sustaining biodiversity - bio means life and diversity means variation- and it's more important than most of us think. The green fashion are sustaining clothes of good quality.

At first the show started with Elsien Gringhuis, who won this competition last year. Here collection consisted of black, white, and dark green items. I liked the show and clothes, although it wasn't my sense of style. It was quite minimalistic and lots of dark items, like you can see on the pictures. I do like the black/white jacket on the right picture.

Next, came the 'real' competion. It started with Category 2, which consisted of young entrepreneurs. The four finalists were Carrie Parry, ZAGB, Oh my bag and Narelle Dore. I was suprised about there collections, because they were so young, but they had beautiful clothes!
  Carrie Parry, who won category 2, had an amazing collection. I love the use of colors and the headbands are really beautiful: An eyecatcher. From all the clothes I saw during TGFC, I liked this one the most.
ZAGB had a perfectly use of different textures in the material. Beautiful knitwear, made in a special way.
  O my bag, is a label with only bags. This part started with three bags on the catwalk. After someone told something about every bag, models came on the catwalk to show the bags. On this pictures, you only see the models. Unfortunatley, I haven't a nice picture of the bags.
  Narelle Dore had beautiful dresses made out of woollen yarn, with soft and subtile colors. I think it's amazing that she can make something incredibly like this.

Than, It was time for Category 1, which consisted of older entrepreneurs. The four finalists were STAT divisions, L'Herbe Rouge, SPRB and Studio JUX. These collections were beautiful too! I prefered STAT divisions and Studio JUX.
The clothes of STAT divisions were made of luxurious fabrics. I liked the clothes because they were feminine and chic with some nice details.
  SPRB had a collection made of 'raw' pieces. The designs were pretty and the clothes had a connection with nature. This isn't my sense of style, but if you like 'raw' clothes, you'll like this.
The clothes of Studio JUX were girly, modern and a bit simple, but they used the right fabric on beautiful designs. The skirt on the left side is amazing, and have you see those shoes on the right side? Lovely!
  Studio JUX won The Green Fashion Competition and I totally agree with that! They had a beautiful collection and I'm looking forward to see more of them. I also wish them luck with their career!

This was my big, big, big report of TGFC, with an overload of pictures. I really liked the show, because I like to see new and unknown designers. Mostly, the have a refreshing view on the fashion industry.

Curious what I wore? Visit my blog next Tuesday!


  1. love one cardidan in black and white...


  2. Super! Ziet er echt gaaf uit allemaal.


  3. dankjewel voor je lieve comment! Ja, AMFI is top! Het is heel hard werken, maar ook echt heel erg leuk, ik heb het ontzettend naar me zin. Hoe beviel AMFI op de Open Dag? Klasgenootjes van mij waren aan het rondleiden, haha! Aaah, toffe foto's van AFW, is altijd zo leuk :)

  4. Waaaauw, jij hebt echt prachtige foto's gemaakt! Ik vond 't echt heel gezellig :)

  5. wauwie, ontzettend mooie foto's en wat super dat je er bent geweest!

  6. Wauw! Leuk om het zo te zien, mooie foto ´s heb je daar gemaakt!

  7. wauw zitten erg mooie fotos tussen ! en sommige stuks zou ik heel graag in mijn kledingkast willen :p x

  8. thanks for the lovely comment :) i am your newest follower! these photos from the show rock!

  9. Echt gaaf dat je naar Amsterdam fashion week kon gaan!

  10. Ziet er geweldig uit, leuk dat je daarbij kon zijn! Je foto's zijn echt mooi geworden!

  11. wat een mooie foto's! ook heel gaaf dat je erbij was

  12. mooie foto's heb je gemaakt!
    Ik was niet naar deze show geweest..
    Maar krijg nu wel beetje een beeld.
    Andere reports over de AIFW staan bij mij nu ook online.


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