TRAVELLING. I already showed you some pictures of my holiday in Denmark. Now it's time for Sweden. I can tell you how amazing that country is, like wow! A beautiful nature, very clean area, really nice people, pretty people and very important: fashionable people! Take a look at this pictures and immerse yourself in wonderful Sweden. The first picture is a bridge in the neighbourhood of Orust. Orust is one of the islands with a beautiful nature. The second picture is me and my shadow on a little beach. Don't you love the color of the sand? and the water was very clear too. The third picture is one of the amazing views arround a lake. They have a lot of these lakes surrounded by mountains. At the edge of those lakes, they have all kind of small scaffolds and boats. Fourth picure is me at one of those. The fifth and sixth picture are the same. These are beautiful and really cute houses near the sea. And the last picture is a hotelroom. This time it was my lucky day, because I had this room for my own. That bed was soo comfy and I had a beautiful view. I'll show you that in the next post, so stay tuned for part two! 


  1. Superleuk! Mooie foto's ook :D

  2. Wauw, mooie foto's! Ik wil altijd nog een keer naar Zweden :)

  3. Leuke foto's!



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