PERSONAL. It's time for a personal post. Last year, a teacher at school showed our class this video with a reminder of important things in life. If you forget the sentimental music, this is a video with a good message. It's just a video to cheer you up if you're feeling down. I think it's a cute video. Actually, I can say something about every 'thing', but I'll just tell something about the 'things' that are important for me right now.
The most important sentence, which in my eyes is always imporant, is follow your heart. Whatever you do in life, what choises you'll make. Always try to stick to your own view and follow your heart. Ofcourse it's good to listen to what other people say and to make mistakes, because you'll only learn from that. Be happy and show up are things that actually everyone should do, or at least try. I think life looks so much better when you're happy and also very important you have to try to don't focus on negative thoughs. By showing up, you'll show people who you are. You're allowed to be who you are and show the world who you are.
Another thing that many of us girls do is compare themselfs with others. It's such a waste of time and it only makes you feel sad.
On my mind right now are school and my future (yes, my holiday is almost over) In a week, I'll start my graduation year, so this year will be a lot of work. While doing this I have to set goals to graduate. Next year, I want to study Fashion & Branding at the Amstedam Fashion Institute. I know this for sure, so I only have to make sure that I'll get accepted. To reach this goal, I have to set goals too and I think If you do this time by time, you'll stay motivated.
Futhermore, I think that we don't have to be serious all the time and have to make time just to have fun, fun with friends, your family and other people. Do something yóu like to do and ofcourse: pamper yourself. Which in my opinion is very important. Just some 'you' time and buy yourself a present sometimes.

Allright, It's time to end my long story. I'm kind of curious: what is the most important thing in your eyes?



  1. ahw wauw! Het filmpje heeft mij echt goed gedaan. Dankjewel. Ook echt een top verhaal eronder!

  2. Lovely blog.

  3. "Keep going on like this!"

    Wauw, schitterende blog zeg! Ik ben bij dit filmpje gestopt met verder kijken op je blog want dat houd ik nog wat over voor een keer als ik me verveel, maar ik heb echt bewondering voor de manier waarop je blogt. Alles geschreven in goed Engels en je outfits zijn zo leuk omdat je ze helemaal zelf hebt samengesteld. Dat maakt het echt leuk om naar te kijken en om inspiratie uit op te doen!


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