PHOTOGRAPHY. Berlin, such an interesting city. I visited Berlin about two weeks ago. We stayed there for just two days. Of course that way to short to take a good look at the city and to see all important and interesting places. Before I went to Berlin, I planned to take lots of pictures and to make a big report about it. But, I was a bit stupid, because I forgot to take my 18mm-15mm lens with me, so I was stuck with my new 50mm lens, which isn't a good lens for the city. Because of this, I wasn't able to take nice photographs of the streets and buildings. Only some close ups, so at one time I kind of stopped taking pictures and I just enjoyed the atmosphere of the city. Well, we spent two days in Berlin and one of them was a shopping day. The other day we saw as much of the city as possible. We saw the important things like the Brandenburger Tor, the Berliner Dom and the Holocaust monument. We've also been to the DDR museum and that was very interesting. They had a little part about fashion - see third photograph. So here a little expression of my Berlin experience. I'll definitely go back to see more of this city!

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