MY 2013

Maybe a little late, but I still wanted to make a recap of my 2013. I think I can say that this has been a turbulent year. So many things happened! I was an amazing year. I met many great people, did lots of fun things and made enough memories to fill an entire book. I'm going to guide you quickly through my year in 12 images.
January started well with Amsterdam Fashion Week. It was my fourth time and I really loved it! February was all about my intake at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. I dreamed about this school for so long and now the moment came to make my dreams come true. I made a portfolio and in March the amazing news came: I got accepted! March was also the month that I became 18. April wasn't that special. I just did nice things with friends and I was busy with the preparations for my final exams. Sometimes that was a little hard, but always keep smiling!

May was a very very very excited month, because this was the month of my final exams. Finally after six years of Gymnasium, it became time to rock that exams and leave high school. To celebrate the fact that the finals were over, I went to Albufeira with eight amazing friends. It was one of the best holidays every! In June I heard that I was graduated and that was one of the best feelings ever! In the beginning of July I had my graduation ceremony and I've been on holidays with my parents. I also got the 50mm lens, finally. August was probably the most exciting month of my life, because I moved out! I moved to the best city of the Netherlands; Amsterdam. I have my own little place in this big city and I still enjoy it every day.  
Then September came, also a very very very excited month. I started on my study International Fashion & Branding. Since, the first day, I love it, but it also contains a lot of work and I can tell that it is totally worth it. Hard work pays off. You'll survive with a lot of motivation and dedication  October consisted of school school school. I passed my first project, happy me. This year, I didn't blog that much, just because all the big happenings and in November I thought I got my sparks back. But now, a month later, I didn't blog much more. One of my good intentions for 2014, is to keep you guys more updated and post more regularly. In November I also got this baby and I'm using it a lot! These months I also focused on getting to know new people and getting used to my new life. This all works out pretty amazing as we speak. I'm so happy about that. I ended this year celebrating NYE in Amsterdam with two of my lovely friends, my sweet roomies and other people who came to our awesome houseparty. It was a great end of 2013 and an amazing start of 2014.

So I can say, 2013 has been pretty amazing, and I'm so curious what 2014 will bring! 


  1. Wat een superleuke 2013 recap! Ziet er uit als een topjaar!

  2. Is dat je slaapkamer of de kamer in Amsterdam?

    leuk overzicht

    New blogpost: favorieten van januari


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