photos by me
Berlin, oh Berlin. It was nice visiting you, but it is even better to be back. Last week my fashionable classmates and me went to Berlin for a school trip. We had to gain information and inspiration for our brand concepts. Since I already visited Berlin last year, I was not that inspired this time, but we did some nice things. We visited the Hamburger Bahnhof  museum, cycled through the city and visited lots and lots of shops. So basically we saw the whole city in three days. At least I have the feeling we did. And know it is time to create our own new brand concept. It is so much fun, but pretty hard. Next week, we have to pitch our ideas. Sooo, let that creative brain work!
Ps. For some reason I can't use Imageshack.us anymore. Does someone know an other good site to upload my images bigger than this? :)


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