coat: Mexx // sweater: Esprit // blouse: Costes // pants: Vero Moda // loafers: Taupage // bag: Modemusthaves 
Remember my dear teddy coat? Last January I had some bad luck and I discovered a fire hole in my coat after a perfect night out. I was able to cry at that moment, because it is my favorite coat in the whole wide world. Anyways, when I was shopping last week, I bumped into this beauty; Teddy 2.0 and to be honest, I like this one even more than the first one. I think black suits me better than off white. Teddy 2.0 is big, cozy and comfy.

This is my first outfit post of 2015. I have not blogged for two months, which is quite shocking. I guess I needed a break. Busy December days, New Years Eve, crazy school times and nice social happenings. School wise, things are going great. I finally got my propedeuse, happy me! And in case you are wondering whether I have any plans for my blog? I don't have them. I'll see where I end. I'm excited to start again, show new outfits, new inspirations, new photography and other things on my mind.



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