Once upon a time… two young girls (or princesses, whatever) were walking through a sunny Amsterdam, looking for nice places to take pictures and doing some shooting themselves. Chatting and laughing about their lives they soon started talking about the blog of one of them. She was very busy with school and thought it was a pity she didn´t post more! Her friend, always in for a new challenge came up with the idea to help her with the blog (called fashionable and me, as you’ve probably guessed) and offer her writing, fashion and photo skills…

So here it begins! My name is Anouk and I am a friend of Lisanne from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. I am currently studying fashion and management and within two weeks I will move to New York for my Sales Internship with Hugo Boss. As said, I will support Lisanne with her blog and post articles about my life in the Big Apple (and afterwards maybe more?).

Besides fashion I like to read books, go to restaurants, stay in bed all Sunday with my boyfriend, play water polo and buy new clothes. You will probably get articles with a bit more text than you are used to from Lisanne, since writing is what I like most. But I will keep it short and to the point, don’t worry! 

This first article contains some images from the shoot we did close to my room, the maritime museum. It was absolutely beautiful that evening and the light was amazing! The dress I wear is from a small shop in Paris, I don’t know the brand. Every time I am in a far away country (or just a nice city) I like to buy a dress. Wearing the garment always make me feel like being back in the holiday spot. I have dresses from Sydney, Paris, Antwerp, Edinburgh….


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  1. Wat leuk :)! Een leuke toevoeging aan je blog.


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