croptop: H&M // dress: Pull & Bear // shoes: Sacha // earrings: H&M
Have you guys survived the heatwave? Yes, I belong to the few people who are not really into tropical temperatures. When it is around 25 degrees, I think it is fine, but when the temperatures are rising I prefer to stay inside. Well, not that that really works with the temperatures of the past week. Anyways, I try not to complain and I even went to the beach last Friday! For me that is unusual as well. I think it has been two years since I’ve really been there to swim and sunbathe. But I really enjoyed it! Except the fact that I was running around as a ‘sandman’, cause I had sand literally everywhere. Even on my face, like a sand beard. I tried everything, but I just did not get it of my face, until I took a nice cold shower at home.
About the outfit, for me this outfit is girlish. It has been a while since I wore something like this, but I have to say that I felt good in it. The pictures are taken by Anouk a little while ago, so I still wear tights. I think some of you agree that there is no better feeling than walking around bare legged, so that is what I am doing these weeks. And actually it seems like my style is moving away from this outfit, but you will notice that yourself later.