My grandparents have a huge house full with amazing things my grandpa brought back from his travels (he used to be a sailor). I like to snoop around on their attic, where they keep a lot of silly old things one could easily throw away. But every now and then I find an old leather suitcase with some amazing treasures in it…
pictures by Lisanne

My grandmother inherited these two bags (together with old gloves, scarves, handkerchiefs) from two of her great aunts. The bags are from before World War 2! The black one is made from crocodile leather and the original strap was so broke I attached a new one on it. It’s always an eye catcher when I go out. The brown bag is much bigger than it looks like and is great for shopping trips. Carrying these bags people ask me what the address is of the great vintage store I bought them. Well, now you all know the secret of my special treasures!






jacket: Vila // blouse: Aaiko // shorts: Zara // shoes: Van Haren // bag: Mango // necklace & bracelet: &otherstories // sunglasses: H&M
This outfit post contains a lot of new items. I was kind of shocked when I checked my bank account and saw how much money I spent on clothes, which is barely anything. Sooo, when I went shopping, I bought some nice new beauties. Lately, I am really into basics, because I want to build a timeless and a more sophisticated wardrobe. An item that certainly belongs there are the shorts. They are my all time favorite. It is such a shame that I can’t get them anymore, because they get a little bit old. Besides the shorts, everything is quite new. Happy me.






On the 17th of February I turned 21… Which is quite some months ago, but lately I finally had the time to celebrate this big event (AMFI life). It’s tradition here that your friends make a speech and a photo book (or they do a poem, a song) and mostly they make fun of you… I love chatting and eating with friends, so I had a wonderful evening.
The dress I wore that night was from Missoni. I bought it at the store I was working last year. It was hanging there for some weeks already and everybody told me I HAD to buy it, since it was absolutely an ‘Anouk dress’. I tried it on and yes, it fitted me perfectly (and so it happened, haha). Maybe you recognize this, sometimes it’s like the garment is made for you.
My earrings are another story: they use to be my mums. As a young girl I remember her putting them on when she went out with my dad. I used to say that the four hearts stood for my dad, mum, brother and me. When I graduated from high school I received a box with the earrings in it! On the back of each heart a letter was in scripted: P/M/L/A (Papa, Mama, Lars and Anouk).
My shoes were from Prada. I bought them on a sample sale some years ago.






croptop: H&M // dress: Pull & Bear // shoes: Sacha // earrings: H&M
Have you guys survived the heatwave? Yes, I belong to the few people who are not really into tropical temperatures. When it is around 25 degrees, I think it is fine, but when the temperatures are rising I prefer to stay inside. Well, not that that really works with the temperatures of the past week. Anyways, I try not to complain and I even went to the beach last Friday! For me that is unusual as well. I think it has been two years since I’ve really been there to swim and sunbathe. But I really enjoyed it! Except the fact that I was running around as a ‘sandman’, cause I had sand literally everywhere. Even on my face, like a sand beard. I tried everything, but I just did not get it of my face, until I took a nice cold shower at home.
About the outfit, for me this outfit is girlish. It has been a while since I wore something like this, but I have to say that I felt good in it. The pictures are taken by Anouk a little while ago, so I still wear tights. I think some of you agree that there is no better feeling than walking around bare legged, so that is what I am doing these weeks. And actually it seems like my style is moving away from this outfit, but you will notice that yourself later.












This post shows Barcelona through my eyes. I took my beloved camera on every trip we did, which were a lot, because this visit was a nice AMFI school trip. Yay for trips abroad. For me it was the first time in Barcelona, so that made it even better. I thought it was a nice city, but on fashion level it was not that inspiring. What I did love were the museums and the architecture. Oh and of course the market at La Ramblas. I wish they had fruit shakes for one euro in Amsterdam as well…

Luckily, they have enough other nice spots in Amsterdam. I finally have time to do something with that again, because I have summer holidays. It already started amzing. I am doing so many nice things lately. Dinners, drinks with friends, movie nights, girls nights, partying. I am totally happy. Maybe it becomes time to sprinkle this happiness to my blog and take you through some of these adventures.