Another sea tourism season is coming very close. Letting yourself play between the waves of blue sea or wandering with friends along the white sandy beach, enjoying seafood is promising a wonderful holiday between sweltering summer day. Sea travel has become so familiar but before every trip to avoid embarrassment to forget the most important furniture, pocket the following “golden” recipes.

Prepare sea travel items for women that cannot lack these items:

1. Sunscreen

This is an isolated object when traveling, especially in the sea . So put the sunscreen in the most easily accessible position in the luggage bag so that when you use it, you can get it right away.


Sunscreen is shown in the SPF index. The higher the SPF (Sun Protection Factor), the more likely it is to protect the skin under the sun. Conventional sunscreens have an SPF of about 15 to 45, but when you go to the summer beach you should choose an SPF of 35 to 45 (normally you only need to use an SPF of 25 to 35).

Understanding the SPF as follows: 1 degree of SPF means that this sunscreen has the ability to filter ultraviolet rays to the maximum in an outdoor environment for 15 minutes. Thus, a sunscreen product has an SPF 35 when applied to the skin, can protect the skin for 525 minutes (7 hours positive) when in the sun. When the time expires 525 minutes, sunscreen remains on the skin but has no sunscreen effect. Most sunscreens work regardless of whether you are cool or sunny, with only a few high-end sunscreens like Clinique, or Shiseido, Lancôme, able to preserve the effect of SPF when you are in the cool, Help extend the sun protection time of the product.


Always apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going to the sun so that the cream has enough time to work. Apply cream gently, spread evenly over parts of skin exposed to the sun. To achieve high efficiency, reapply the cream every hour

In addition to sunscreen, you should also use after sun lotion to make your skin soft and smooth. It also helps to restore skin after a day of exposure to the sun.

2. What to bring when going to the beach? Styrofoam sandals or sports shoes?

Types of high heels are not close friends of the beach. You need light, airy sandals, a kind of flip-flops for walking.

Styrofoam sandals

3. Prepare sea travel: Swimming suit

Swimming suit

When preparing a beach suit, ignoring a swimsuit will be like plowing and forgetting the buffalo! Of course you can rent but will not guarantee hygiene. So, never forget your swimsuit. Choose a bikini or one-piece swimsuit depending on your character and personality. But is it necessary to dress up in the beautiful and pure nature? A bikini is always the perfect choice.

4. Towel


It is inconvenient if the swim is finished, go ashore and go back in a situation where the person is wet, the water flows net. Prepare a big towel, which can help you wrap around your body to help cool.

5. Sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats

wide-brimmed hats

Your scalp may also be damaged if you are in the sun for too long, so don’t forget to bring a wide-brimmed hat to protect both your face and hair. Sunglasses will not only help protect the eyes but also help limit the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. These are two indispensable items when preparing marine gear.

6. Shorts, maxi skirts, two-wire dresses

maxi skirts

When going to the beach, forget the hot tight jeans or long, thick dresses. What you need is cool clothes, sweat absorbent and easy to move. Shorts, two-piece shirt, maxi skirt are always appropriate clothes when walking on the sea.

7. Underwear


Many people suffer from bad scenes because they forget this small but important item. You should put underwear in a small nylon bag before putting in suitcases to avoid “misplacement”.

8. Toothbrush


In things to prepare sea gear, the toothbrush is considered the most unforgettable item for visitors. Although every hotel has a brush, it is best to bring your beloved toothbrush, because if you are not used to it, you will not be able to hit this type of medium and hard brush.

9. Big bag

Big bag

The more stylish you will be, the more you bring big, trendy bags when you go to the beach. Young sedge bags sold in fashion shops are a perfect choice for a beach trip. In addition, they also help you store other necessary items when going to the beach such as pants, shirts, lotions, phones…

10. Earrings and bracelets

Earrings and bracelets

The piercings and earrings always create a feminine impression, it is not bad to carry them. This season, brilliant colors like iridescent, orange, red, blue or purple are rising.

11. Things you need when going to the beach that you need to take care of your skin.

Cosmetic Makeup Kits

There is no need to paint too many items when going to the beach but that does not mean you are allowed to forget them. Should bring cosmetic samples in the form of small packages, samples (travel size). Full but compact. If you have makeup cosmetics, you should choose water resistant and have a minimum index of SPF 15 and above.


Lotion is essential to keep skin moisturized. If you already have a suitable lotion, keep using it when traveling. If not, you should choose a lotion with Vitamin E to help protect your skin from UV rays.

When traveling, don’t wear too much makeup, just use gentle colors, moisturizing skin care products to make you feel comfortable and natural. Always remember to bring a lotion and sunscreen when preparing your favorite items!

Lip balm

Another really necessary product is lip balm. Your lips will crack and also need to be protected from the sun. So use sunscreen for your lips. At night, when the UV rays are gone, make your lips soft and glossy with lip balm.

Face Wash

Use a cleanser made from milk, with a gentle cleansing effect.

12. Shampoo and conditioner

Daily bathing means you’ll have to wash your hair often. Salt in seawater, chlorine in swimming pools and sunlight will make your hair dry and brittle. Due to frequent shampooing, use a mild, natural-derived shampoo instead of strong cleansing shampoos.

Bring your milk-derived conditioner, it will keep your hair from tangle and limit the need to recreate the hair style.